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Move out

what do you think about move out…

move,  this is a simple word but have greatly expectation. very much great people who born from it. move  * not drive at to expel* from we are lazy in the past become diligent person. from pickpocket in the past become good person*all the more if become leader of religion* who doesn’t want it?

but this is don’t easy like what do you  expect. need buffetings and toil with high consistency.

*I don’t know what I wanna to say* that only intermeso word. the important things is I have written in english don’t care about result who confused. clearly I belive if english language is not only theory but also for practice. if we more practice the fast also we can getting of the best english language.

*what we lose from child who still 3rd but have can speak english?*. what are it? yes,that is a foreign child can connected if invited to speak with they parent although he is don’t say “ERR”. yes usually again who can make the child understand so I also try to apply manner who foreign child use to can master that language.OK…

quite so to this time…I haven’t want to write now… don’t idea in my mind…hwahahahaha…

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