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English and the future

Today is Tuesday and tomorrow is Friday. My Toefl score is bellow the target. If l studied hard, l would get high score in toefl test. Today ability to speak english is needed to support your career. If you don’t have high english score, you won’t easy to get the job because mostly vacancy require high english score. So my advice is… Never give up, always spirit and don’t forget to pray to Allah 🙂


Become success with writing

Hellow guys, long time no see 

If l get opportunity to write on newspaper, l will take it. Because according to me writing is a good habits. It keeps your memory always health and you can be s creative person. generally the great people like Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, etc always have note like paper, journal etc. They always write to keep their idea, thinking, etc. So that’s why l said, let’s write. Write anything do you want and make it your habit because write is habit of success people 

Practice: What do you do every morning?

Hello goys,

what do you do every morning?

I get up at 3.00 am every morning. I usually tidy up my bed wash then wash my face with coold water. in the morning is the best time to do something. I usually do difficult things when I wake up in the morning. the condition is quite enough, so I usually learn memorize and do my homework. in the morning is also the best time to pray. when you wake up in the morning, it is the best time to do all thing. when you wake up in the morning, you have more time to do sometings like cleaning, washing, reading, etc. all things that can’t you do in your bustle.

OK, that’s my explanation about the morning, keep lean english guys.

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Practice : tell a story

Today l feel so bad. Not only make me headache but  lazy to do something as well. I was so sad that l wasn’t want to wake up from my bed. I wanna sleep all the day. Guys l wanna share to you what happen with me.

About 3 years ago, l left my hometown for a mission. Not only my family but all of my friends and my memories in this hero city as well. I left my father, my mother, my brother for this mission. Do you know what is my mission? My mission is…. “be better “. I wanna be better than before.

Guys.. In my past, l had bad experience. In the past, l was a naughty boy. I always make both my mother and my father angry to me. I still remember when l was childhood l wasn’t want to breakfast. I go outside from my home and then my mother was cry because of me. I was still remember l was ever make my mother cry. but l feel my god always help me. I look my life like a story. I was ever feel so bad, then someone help me to be strong. I shown something that you think is good, it wasn’t really good but something that you think isn’t good, it was so good. It’s like what al-Qur’an say and my god show it to me. Like what l say, my life is like a story


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Practice :tell a story

Good nite everyone… Today l wanna tell to you about something. Yup hehehe… I don’t know what kinds of topic that will l tell to you hehehe… But l just write something that across in my mind guys :p

right…i don’t know what things that will I write here. but…just flow…say what I wanna say…why? because I think if you wanna learn english, the best method is more and more practice. it’s better than you just study about grammar without practice.

then, the problem is… I don’t know the rule? the pattren and the other things about grammar guys…so, what can I write right sentences?…it doesn’t matter, you can learn by doing. like me , and like this 🙂

I mean, don’t worry to make some mistake because if you worry when you do practice, it’s like made a mental block for yourself. write what you wanna write and let’s it be your habbit. and remember…always learn by doing. maybe today you get more mistake about your sentence but if you always practice and learn togther, you will not relize it if right now your ability of english language is increase. like the morning I always write one article by this blog to increase my english ability.

remember, practice makes batter guys…happy study 😉

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Hii..howdy all
I have question for you. Do you have pet? What your favorit pet?

Guys, do you know? I’m an animals lover. Since I was child I really love animals. I like cat particularly the baby cat. According to me, it has so cute face and I don’t know what happen with me but  do you know every I looked it that’s can helps me to forget my problems.

look at that…

really really so cute,hehehe..

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