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papuma beach

howdy guys…
at idul fitri day this year, our familiy took decision to holiday at papuma headland beach. before we went to destination place, we visited to my grandfather house at kediri. we had been lodging at there for one day before went to papuma headland beach.

if I had arrived, my grandfather was always cutting a chicken to me. he’s told if me are the favorite nephew for him,hehehe… so he always a chicken to me :). and then if my family went there, we were always staying to my grandfather house or to my grandfather child house. but  because there are so many families who came to my grandfather home at idul fitri days so our famz made decision to stay in my grandfather child house.

and then, tomorrow we were continuing our journey ‘yeah’ went to papuma beach. we had been spending more time to arrive in the place about 5-6 hour. finally our family arived to destination (huft, I’m very tired because I just sit down in my car). after that, we directly had hired doss house for 2 days. my families plan are to stay there for more than three days but the day after tomorow I had class in my college so i didn’t can to spend more time there :(.

Actually years ago I was ever came here and i think that place still gave not only beautiful view but also wonderful experience to me. Unhappily that place didn’t manage nicely. There are so many trash everywhere. There are so many way was broken. But overall, this place still became choice to arrived

finally, my vacation had done and we got ready to return home.papuma, there are so many my memory in that place. maybe the day after tomorrow, next mounth or next year we will be return to that place. and I really hope will engrave beautiful memory like this moment

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the first ramadhan

there are different things in my ramadhan this years. not like past who often alternating to my college *at still lecture time*, in this ramadhan I have finished my college *applause* but I still alternating confused job searching.

I miss that moment *YES* the moment as we fight together to got A* pluse * value. and the important things for all are if I have a child I can tell the story how exciting become  university student.begin sit down in front of lecturer room*in sleepy condition* waitting assistensi until night, there are also who give a homework at the afternoon and I don’t understand how method when tomorrow at 6 clock must have finished if don’t class next year at have wait to fill in don’t worry…wewww…*who this is I also don’t know but fortunately we are compact can finish at 6 oclock,*salut*…

OK, back to the topick on top. when was ramadhan yesterday,at the first day I had pass through with work examination on malang. that morning after subuh prays, I have been going early morning to  avoid traffic jam at porong street. since had been lapindo disaster several years ago often happen traffic jam around porong. so for you who want to across this way maybe you can consider my advice.

and then, I came to malang at 8 o’clock. street which quite and fast vehicle make me taveled surabaya to malang only in 2 hour. after I arrive to malang exactly to polinema university I rest for a moment. there are more time to pray at mosque before test is begin. after it, we are rest at gazebo which there are at that place. accompanyed with wind malang that make me sleppy *hayhayhay…* so I decision to slep for a moment.

as time less a half for test schedule, we are going to place test with fresh faces and ready to confront all question from interviewer. but unfortunately I come with friends who have high humor. in the end we can’t become concentration but crack jokes,heuhh…

but there are something who make me piqued. yes, as on the announcement writen the test will be held at 10 o’clock but in reality that company arrive at 2 p.m,heuhh… there are 3 hour time for we are use to jokes before they are come. and then when they are come, we are direct doing test who actually be held at 10 a.m ago. the test going on smoothly but who annoyed is that test take place until afternoon so forced we go home until night.

that is experience who I fell when the first of ramadhan. the experience who examine me to  patient in all situation 😉

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my first post

hii, everyone who see this blog..

if you think this is a strange blog, you’re right. this blog accidentally I made as a learning media for can speaking english fluently. very much people says to me  “if you want speak english fluently you must using it in your daily activity”. yes, daily activity. maybe I think this is a reason why I gave birth to this blog.

so many things I want to do with this blog especially what I want to show to the world about indonesia. what do you know someday, I have  a dream for adventure to the most beautiful places in indonesia. indonesia is the wonderful places. you will find plenty of culture, customs, biodiversity and the friendliness of  people who not found elsewhere.

so, with this blog other than as a learning media as well as a place where I express about everything including our beloved country. happy blogging, I hope there’s someone who remind me if there is written is wrong.

*sorry if the language of my writing is too bad , I’m just trying to learn from the mistakes who I have made

hii,semua orang yang melihat blog ini..

jika kamu pikir ini blog yang aneh, kamu benar. blog ini sengaja saya buat sebagai media pembelajaran untuk dapat berbicara bahasa inggris dengan lancar. banyak orang mengatakan kepada sayajika kamu ingin lancar berbahasa inggris kamu harus menggunakannya dalam aktifitas sehari-hari”. ya aktifitas sehari-hari. mungkin saya berfikir ini adalah alasan mengapa saya melahirkan blog ini.

sangat banyak hal yang saya ingin lakukan dengan blog ini khususnya apa yang saya ingin tunjukkan ke seluruh dunia tentang indonesia. apa kamu tahu suatu hari nanti, saya punya mimpi untuk berpetualang ke tempat-tempat terindah yang ada di Indonesia. indonesia adalah tempat yang indah. kamu akan menemukan banyak budaya, adat istiadat, keragaman hayati dan keramahan penduduk yang tidak di temukan di tempat lain.

jadi, dengan adanya blog ini selain sebagai media pembelajaran juga sebagai tempat saya mengekspresikan tentang segala sesuatu termasuk negri tercinta ini. selamat ngeblog, saya berharap ada seseorang yang mengingatkan saya jika ada tulisan yang salah.

*maaf jika bahasa tulisan saya terlalu buruk, saya nhanya mencoba untuk belajar dari kesalahan-kesalahan yang telah saya buat