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West = barat
North = utara
East = timur
South = selatan
Western = kebarat-baratan
Northern = keutara-utaraan
Eastern = ketimur-timuran
Southern = keselatan-selatanan

Turn left = belok kiri
Turn right = belok kanan
Turn around = arah berputar/ putar balik
Bend left/right = serong kiri/kanan
Straight up/go straight a head = lurus
Step a side = melangkah ke samping
move a side = geser
Move to the right side = geser ke kanan
Move to the left side = geser ke kiri
Move in front/forward = geser maju / mundur
Come forward = maju dengan langkah
Move back/back off = mundur

Traffic = jalanan
Traffic light = lampu lalu lintas
Traffic police = polisi lalu lintas
Traffic sign = tanda marka
Traffic ticket = tilang
Traffic jam = macet
One way = jalan 1 arah
High way = jalan raya
Street = jalan yang kanan kirinya ada rumah
Road = jalan yang kanan kirinya tidak ada rumah
Dead end = jalan buntu
Three junction = pertigaan
Cross road = perempatan
Round about = bundaran
Bouncing street = polisi tidur / jalan bergelombang
Fly over = jalan layang
Pave street / side walk / pedestrian street = trotoar
Drainage = gorong gorong / saluran air bawah tanah
Road map = peta jalan
Gas station = SPBU


Countries and nationalities

actually  “Nationality” word is not often used in spoken English. It is a formal word and it appears more frequently in written English. these words is usually used a lot in the travels industry and for immigration.


to ask and answer about country


ask: Where + to be + S + from?

ans: S + to be + from +….


ask: Where + do + S (you,they,we) + come from?

Where + does + S (he,she,it) + comes from?

ans: S (I,you,they,we) + come from …

S (he,she,it) + comes from… 


below is short conversations about country

peter: hii, my name is peter. what’s your name?

ann: my name is ann.

peter, where do you come from?

peter: I come from norway. I’m norwegian


Below is a list of countries with the appropriate nationality and language.


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Family tree

the first family


Luke is Dave and Maggie’s son.
Karen is Dave and Maggie’s daughter.
Maggie is Dave’s wife.
Dave is Maggie’s husband.
Elsie and Alf are Maggie’s parents (parents = mother and father).
Dave is Paul’s brother-in-law.
Jane is Maggie’s sister-in-law.
James is Maggie’s nephew.
Karen is Paul’s niece.
Luke is Elsie’s grandson.
Jessica is Elsie’s granddaughter.

the second family



structure of the tree family

(just click for zoom in)


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