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Practice: just my opinion

hii guyss…Today l wanna tell to you about my experience. my Experience has been staying in cilegon for more than 1 year. There are many difference thing that l felt during stay here. cilegon is an industrial city with largely of cilegon is industrial. I note some of unik things about this city, I think. this is just my opinion about this city guys 😉

    1. the first, My friends said if ketoprak is traditional food from Jakarta and you can find it just in the night. oke that’s right, but in cilegon is difference. ketoprak is sold anytime. If you’re hungry, you can eat ketoprak even in the morning 🙂
    2. The first time l has been arriving in cilegon for 2 years, I think the traditional language of cilegon has a little of difference with my traditional language “java
    3. if you look at map, cilegon has one main road and it’s also be center of cilegon city. so center of cilegon city is lengthwise along main road, so unique
    4. l was ever ask to my friend. He is original person from cilegon. I asked about traditional food from cilegon because l will come back to my hometown so l wanna bring gift brought back from here. I asked to him and he can’t answer my question. It was very strange for me because he has been living in cilegon since childhood. And finally l brought sate bandeng, actually this isn’t traditional food from cilegon because it didn’t have traditional food. I already asked to my friends and they can’t answer my question


Oke guys those are some of my experience when l stayed in cilegon, maybe if you have difference experience when you have been living in cilegon,  lets share here 😉


Practice : tell a story

Today l feel so bad. Not only make me headache but  lazy to do something as well. I was so sad that l wasn’t want to wake up from my bed. I wanna sleep all the day. Guys l wanna share to you what happen with me.

About 3 years ago, l left my hometown for a mission. Not only my family but all of my friends and my memories in this hero city as well. I left my father, my mother, my brother for this mission. Do you know what is my mission? My mission is…. “be better “. I wanna be better than before.

Guys.. In my past, l had bad experience. In the past, l was a naughty boy. I always make both my mother and my father angry to me. I still remember when l was childhood l wasn’t want to breakfast. I go outside from my home and then my mother was cry because of me. I was still remember l was ever make my mother cry. but l feel my god always help me. I look my life like a story. I was ever feel so bad, then someone help me to be strong. I shown something that you think is good, it wasn’t really good but something that you think isn’t good, it was so good. It’s like what al-Qur’an say and my god show it to me. Like what l say, my life is like a story


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Practice :tell a story

Good nite everyone… Today l wanna tell to you about something. Yup hehehe… I don’t know what kinds of topic that will l tell to you hehehe… But l just write something that across in my mind guys :p

right…i don’t know what things that will I write here. but…just flow…say what I wanna say…why? because I think if you wanna learn english, the best method is more and more practice. it’s better than you just study about grammar without practice.

then, the problem is… I don’t know the rule? the pattren and the other things about grammar guys…so, what can I write right sentences?…it doesn’t matter, you can learn by doing. like me , and like this 🙂

I mean, don’t worry to make some mistake because if you worry when you do practice, it’s like made a mental block for yourself. write what you wanna write and let’s it be your habbit. and remember…always learn by doing. maybe today you get more mistake about your sentence but if you always practice and learn togther, you will not relize it if right now your ability of english language is increase. like me..in the morning I always write one article by this blog to increase my english ability.

remember, practice makes batter guys…happy study 😉

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practice: tell a story

hei guys, welcome back,hehehe…

guys , I have a cat. it’s name is selly. it always pup in the morning. I usually bring it jogging in the morning. actually after its pup :0. after jogging I sometimes go to  pet shop to bath selly. so when we come back from jogging, selly is always clean. selly is often angry when I bring to pet shop. maybe because it isn’t like bath hehehe. but I never let it dirty because I’m love it. selly is my lovely cat.

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practice: tell a story

oke, today I will continue my story about my friends

my friend’s name is dila. dila is a girl. she comes from japan. she is like booth dance and sing. she always plays badminton every wekkend with her father. dila usually goes to garden in the morning and come back in the afternoon. dila never rides motor cycle to go to garden because she doesn’t have it. she is a good girl. she never goes to booth  bar and discotheque. she is generally stay at home and never goes outside if there isn’t important things. she seldom goes outside in the night with her friends. she is a pretty girl and I like it.

dila have 2 broders. they are ari and juna. both ari and juna are single. according to me,booth ari and juna are twins because they always use same cloth when play together.

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practice: tell a story

morning everybody…

today i will study about simple present…all about simple present. simple present have pattren S + V and i will made italic sign if we meet with the simple present pattren, ok 🙂

guys, I eat breakfast every morning  but my friends don’t eat breakfast every morning like me. we go to school together every monday. I always use bus to go to school but my friend (pr) usually drives a car to go to school. she isn’t like air polution so, she goes to school by car.

I often study english together with dila and erick because next week will be held englisth test by our teacher. we don’t study at school but we study at dila’s home. dila doesn’t study less than 1 hour whereas erick always studies more than 1 hour. dila and erick occasionally play batminton regularly after study and we  sometimes watch TV together afer study

oke, I think enough for today…next time I will tell a story about habits of my two friends. them name is dila and erick

to be countinue…

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simple past

# fungsi:

secara umum simple past di gunakan untuk menerangkan suatu peristiwa/kejadian yang terjadi di masa lampau dan sekarang telah selesai di kerjakan serta di ketahui waktu terjadinya

  • ex:
    • triiz watched TV last night (triiz menonton TV tadi malam)
    • she lived in my home for 10 days (dia “pernah” tinggal di rumahku selama 10 hari “sekarang dia sudah ga tinggal di rumahku)

The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.

– Agatha Christie

Present perfect continuous


# fungsi:

fungsi/ penggunaan dari present perfect continuous tenses ini sebenarnya hampir mirip dengan present perfect tenses tapi lebih menekankan bahwa suatu peristiwa terus menerus terjadi tanpa henti sampai sekarang. present perfect continuous biasanya  di gunakan untuk:

  • menyatakan perbuatan yang sudah di mulai pada masa lampau dan masih dilanjutkan sampai sekarang.
    • ex:
      • triiz has been watching TV for 2 hours (triiz sudah menonton TV selama 2 jam “maksudnya mulai sekarang sampai dua jam yang lalu dia sedang menonton TV dan mungkin akan berlanjut”)
      • we have been studying english since 7.a.m ( kami sudah belajar bahasa inggris sejak jam 7 “maksudnya ketika dia berbicara sekarang misalnya jam 10, dari jam 7 tadi dia sudah belajar bahasa inggris sampai sekarang/jam 10 dan mungkin masih akan di lanjutkan”)
  • menyatakan kegiatan yang sudah di mulai saat lampau dan baru selesai saat berbicara
    • ex:
      • triiz has been watching TV for 2 hours and he just has done (triiz sudah menonton TV selama 2 jam dan dia beru saja selesai)

There is creative reading as well as creative writing.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson