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Practice: What do you do every morning?

Hello goys,

what do you do every morning?

I get up at 3.00 am every morning. I usually tidy up my bed wash then wash my face with coold water. in the morning is the best time to do something. I usually do difficult things when I wake up in the morning. the condition is quite enough, so I usually learn memorize and do my homework. in the morning is also the best time to pray. when you wake up in the morning, it is the best time to do all thing. when you wake up in the morning, you have more time to do sometings like cleaning, washing, reading, etc. all things that can’t you do in your bustle.

OK, that’s my explanation about the morning, keep lean english guys.

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practice: tell a story

hei guys, welcome back,hehehe…

guys , I have a cat. it’s name is selly. it always pup in the morning. I usually bring it jogging in the morning. actually after its pup :0. after jogging I sometimes go to  pet shop to bath selly. so when we come back from jogging, selly is always clean. selly is often angry when I bring to pet shop. maybe because it isn’t like bath hehehe. but I never let it dirty because I’m love it. selly is my lovely cat.

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