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Practice :tell a story

Good nite everyone… Today l wanna tell to you about something. Yup hehehe… I don’t know what kinds of topic that will l tell to you hehehe… But l just write something that across in my mind guys :p

right…i don’t know what things that will I write here. but…just flow…say what I wanna say…why? because I think if you wanna learn english, the best method is more and more practice. it’s better than you just study about grammar without practice.

then, the problem is… I don’t know the rule? the pattren and the other things about grammar guys…so, what can I write right sentences?…it doesn’t matter, you can learn by doing. like me , and like this ūüôā

I mean, don’t worry to make some mistake because if you worry when you do practice, it’s like made a mental block for yourself. write¬†what you wanna write and let’s it be your habbit. and remember…always learn by doing. maybe today you get more mistake about your sentence but if you always practice and learn togther, you will not relize it if right now your ability of english language is increase. like me..in the morning I always write one article¬†by this blog to increase my english ability.

remember, practice makes batter guys…happy study ūüėČ

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practice: tell a story

morning everybody…

today i will study about simple present…all about simple present. simple present have pattren S + V and i will made italic sign if we meet with the¬†simple present pattren, ok ūüôā

guys, I eat breakfast every morning¬† but my friends don’t eat breakfast every morning like me. we go to school together every monday. I always use bus to go to school but my friend (pr)¬†usually drives a car to go to school. she isn’t like air polution so, she goes to school by car.

I often¬†study english together with dila and erick because next week will be held englisth test by our teacher. we don’t study at school but we study at dila’s home. dila doesn’t study¬†less than 1 hour whereas¬†erick always studies more than 1 hour. dila and erick occasionally play batminton regularly after study¬†and we ¬†sometimes watch TV together afer study

oke, I think enough for today…next time¬†I will tell a story about habits of my two friends. them name is dila and erick

to be countinue…

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