practice: tell a story

morning everybody…

today i will study about simple present…all about simple present. simple present have pattren S + V and i will made italic sign if we meet with the¬†simple present pattren, ok ūüôā

guys, I eat breakfast every morning¬† but my friends don’t eat breakfast every morning like me. we go to school together every monday. I always use bus to go to school but my friend (pr)¬†usually drives a car to go to school. she isn’t like air polution so, she goes to school by car.

I often¬†study english together with dila and erick because next week will be held englisth test by our teacher. we don’t study at school but we study at dila’s home. dila doesn’t study¬†less than 1 hour whereas¬†erick always studies more than 1 hour. dila and erick occasionally play batminton regularly after study¬†and we ¬†sometimes watch TV together afer study

oke, I think enough for today…next time¬†I will tell a story about habits of my two friends. them name is dila and erick

to be countinue…

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practice: tell a story

hii guys…long time no see

today I will start to continue my english study . I’m so sorry if I don’t update this blog long time¬†because I’m very¬†busy. guys, I drink milk in the morning and my mother isn’t like drink milk¬†like me. it’s no problem, but my problem is… it my cat drink milk every day? my cat rarely drinks milk in the morning but my brother usually¬†drinks milk in the morning. he is not only drink milk but water as well.

oke…i think enough for practice today…se you next time gusy ūüėČ
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practice: short story

hai guys…how are you today??I hope all of you are fine guys ūüôā

ehmm…ok, I will invite you to think about brotherhood. do you know what has been happening in egypt? there are so many clashes there. struggle of egypt citizenry to get democracy ¬†independence is very hard. interim, we just watch it from here and we ¬†don’t do anything. I don’t know is there alliance between both pro and contra sides. govenrment area has tightened and military has placed on the front line. i hope this condition quickly end and egypt people can start it’s activity normally

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Practice: short story

Haii…do you remember how long i didn’t update my blog??

Yeah, i’m sorry because i have so much affair in my real world :). Actually i always use internet everyday but i use it just for find a job. Yeahh, because i’m jobseeker.

Did you know how long i had been to be jobseeker? Hahaha, it was so need long time because i different with each other. Do you know my mean? I mean different because i have weakness with my eyes. I’m not wearing eyeglasses but i’m blind colour. at my university especially for engineering major and it makes me confuse to find proper job for me. and finally I have found my proper job ūüôā

OK, lets using vocabulary under this article ūüôā

hii guys, I’m counting my dish right now because my neighbour will held its birthday. for the time being I’m labelling my cake wih the name of invitation. I often help my neighbour if they have an activity. voluntarily I go to his/her home and I serve foods for invitations. I always implemet my task well but if I can’t do it, I usually foward that task to my friends.

hii guys,

before I went to my home friend, I comply my friend to his restaurant. he was riding a motorbike when I arrive to his restaurant. Nearly a half past six I wait him. I was battling my sleepy feel when I wait him in a huge building. if it was backed at the same time when I there, I think there aren’t any people wanna waiting him :). I will legislation in order to find enjoy feel ūüôā


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simple past

# fungsi:

secara umum simple past di gunakan untuk menerangkan suatu peristiwa/kejadian yang terjadi di masa lampau dan sekarang telah selesai di kerjakan serta di ketahui waktu terjadinya

  • ex:
    • triiz watched TV last night (triiz menonton TV tadi malam)
    • she lived in my home for 10 days (dia “pernah” tinggal di rumahku selama 10 hari “sekarang dia sudah ga tinggal di rumahku)

The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.

– Agatha Christie

Present perfect continuous


# fungsi:

fungsi/ penggunaan dari present perfect continuous tenses ini sebenarnya hampir mirip dengan present perfect tenses tapi lebih menekankan bahwa suatu peristiwa terus menerus terjadi tanpa henti sampai sekarang. present perfect continuous biasanya  di gunakan untuk:

  • menyatakan perbuatan yang sudah di mulai pada masa lampau dan masih dilanjutkan sampai sekarang.
    • ex:
      • triiz has been watching TV for 2 hours (triiz sudah menonton TV selama 2 jam “maksudnya mulai sekarang sampai dua jam yang lalu dia sedang menonton TV dan mungkin akan berlanjut”)
      • we have been studying english since 7.a.m ( kami sudah belajar bahasa inggris sejak jam 7 “maksudnya ketika dia berbicara sekarang misalnya jam 10, dari jam 7 tadi dia sudah belajar bahasa inggris sampai sekarang/jam 10 dan mungkin masih akan di lanjutkan”)
  • menyatakan kegiatan yang sudah di mulai saat lampau dan baru selesai saat berbicara
    • ex:
      • triiz has been watching TV for 2 hours and he just has done (triiz sudah menonton TV selama 2 jam dan dia beru saja selesai)

There is creative reading as well as creative writing.

‚ÄĒ Ralph Waldo Emerson

present perfect


presesnt perfect di gunakan untuk:

  • menyatakan kejadian/ peristiwa yang sudah/belum terjadi. sudah terjadi untuk kalimat (+) dan belum terjadi untuk kalimat (-)
    • ex:
      • triiz has eaten (triiz sudah “selesai” makan)
      • triiz hasn’t eaten (triiz belum“selesai” makan)
  • menyatakan suatu kegiatan yang di lakukan pada waktu lampau dan masih ada kaitannya dengan waktu sekarang
    • ex:
      • triiz has eaten for 3 hours (triiz sudah makan selama 3 jam “dan sekarang masih makan,hehe”)
  • ¬†menyatakan kegiatan yang sudah selesai dan jika di tambah dengan keterangan waktu (before, already, ever, never, yet) maka tidak jelas kapan terjadinya
    • ex
      • triiz has already eaten (triiz sudah makan. “kapan itu? ga tau yang penting sudah makan”)
      • triiz has already heard this before (triiz sudah mendengar hal ini sebelumnya. “kapan?ga tau yang penting udah pernah dengar”)
  • menyatakan perbuatan yang sudah di mulai pada saat yang lalu dan baru selesai pada saat bicara
    • ex:
      • triiz hasn’t seen you for every long time (triiz tidak pernah menjumpaimu sama sekali)
  • menyatakan perbuatanyang sudah selesai pada waktu singkat (at last, finally, just, recetly)
    • ex:
      • triiz has seen him recently (triiz sudah menjumpainya baru-baru ini)

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.

– Steven Wright

practice: dreams :)

now, I wanna having fun with my friends. because for the time being I’m having so much matter.¬†I just need a few time to refresh my mood. oh my goodness!! I forget if ¬†today is monday. I don’t prepare my overalls.¬†huft…but don’t be mad because I will look like¬†dull person¬†if I mad. keep myself patient. ok, before I will prepare my overalls, I wanna tell you about my dream. at leats I don’t wanna be builders or painters even the carpenters.¬†it is not match with me. do you know my dream? since I was child, I wanna be a doctor or president,hehehe….don’t be laughly it’s serious. it’s my dream since I was child and I think I definitely can reach it.


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present continuous


# fungsi:

present continuous di gunakan untuk menyatakan:

  • ¬†kegiatan yang sedang berlangsung/ di lakukan sekarang. time signal yang biasa di gunakan adalah now/right now (sekarang), for the time being (saat ini)¬†
    • ex:
      • triiz is writing now (triiz sedang menulis sekarang)
  • profesi/pekerjaan yang sedang di jalankan
    • ex:
      • triiz is working at the bank (triiz sedang bekerja di bank)
  • kegiatan yang akan di lakukan
    • ex:
      • triiz is traveling to bali tomorrow (triiz akan berlibur ke bali besok)
      • are you going tomorrow? (apakah kamu akan pergi besok?)
To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart
– Phyllis Theroux

practice: watching film

the words today isn’t easy for me but I wanna try to makes it in a sentence…ok, let’s start
guys, tomorrow my brother will come in here. I’m really pleased hear it because not only I but my brother likes watching movie as well. we usually go to movie and watcing ¬†film to overcome our saturation. my favorite film is action but someday I was ever watching strange film. I was forgot what was that title of film but it was about finding that unprecedented. actually neither I nor my brother likes that film but because we invited my nephew so we watched together.

OK, ¬†I wanted to told you about that film. that film didn’t tell a story about action, love even adult film. remind, I brought my nephew and he isn’t permtitted to saw that film. so we were just choose a film that had reletionship with his ages.¬†this is my aunt order,hehehe… Finally he was that choose what was he want.


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