Daily Archives: 8 September 2016

English and the future

Today is Tuesday and tomorrow is Friday. My Toefl score is bellow the target. If l studied hard, l would get high score in toefl test. Today ability to speak english is needed to support your career. If you don’t have high english score, you won’t easy to get the job because mostly vacancy require high english score. So my advice is… Never give up, always spirit and don’t forget to pray to Allah 🙂


Become success with writing

Hellow guys, long time no see 

If l get opportunity to write on newspaper, l will take it. Because according to me writing is a good habits. It keeps your memory always health and you can be s creative person. generally the great people like Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, etc always have note like paper, journal etc. They always write to keep their idea, thinking, etc. So that’s why l said, let’s write. Write anything do you want and make it your habit because write is habit of success people