Practice: short story

Haii…do you remember how long i didn’t update my blog??

Yeah, i’m sorry because i have so much affair in my real world :). Actually i always use internet everyday but i use it just for find a job. Yeahh, because i’m jobseeker.

Did you know how long i had been to be jobseeker? Hahaha, it was so need long time because i different with each other. Do you know my mean? I mean different because i have weakness with my eyes. I’m not wearing eyeglasses but i’m blind colour. at my university especially for engineering major and it makes me confuse to find proper job for me. and finally I have found my proper job 🙂

OK, lets using vocabulary under this article 🙂

hii guys, I’m counting my dish right now because my neighbour will held its birthday. for the time being I’m labelling my cake wih the name of invitation. I often help my neighbour if they have an activity. voluntarily I go to his/her home and I serve foods for invitations. I always implemet my task well but if I can’t do it, I usually foward that task to my friends.

hii guys,

before I went to my home friend, I comply my friend to his restaurant. he was riding a motorbike when I arrive to his restaurant. Nearly a half past six I wait him. I was battling my sleepy feel when I wait him in a huge building. if it was backed at the same time when I there, I think there aren’t any people wanna waiting him :). I will legislation in order to find enjoy feel 🙂


– – – indonesia – – –

haii… apa kamu ingat berapa lama ya saya ga update blog?

yeah, saya minta maaf soalnya saya punya banyak urusan di dunia nyata 🙂 sebenarnya saya selalu menggunakan internet setiap hari tapi saya makainya cuma buat cari kerja. yeahh, karena saya jobseeker.

apa kamu tahu berapa lama saya jadi pencari kerja? hahaha, itu membutuhkan waktu yang sangat lama karena saya berbeda dengan yang lain. apakah kamu tahu maksudku? berbeda karena saya mempunyai kekurangan di bagian mata. saya ga pake kacamata tapi saya buta warna. di kampusku khususnya untuk jurusan teknik dan itu membuatku bingung untuk menemukan pekerjaan yang sesuai untukku. dan akhirnya saya temukan juga pekerjaan yang cocok 🙂

OK, ayo pake kosakata di bawah artikel ini 🙂

  1. Counting
  2. Voluntarily
  3. Implement
  4. Labelling
  5. Comply
  6. Forward
  7. Legislation
  8. Battling
  9. Nearly
  10. Backed
  11. Dish
  12. serve

I am a drinker with writing problems

– Brendan Behan


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