the verb ‘to have’

berikut adalah aturan ketika kita menggunakan “have” yang memiliki makna “mempunyai”


hellen     : do you have any children?

rio            : yes, I do. I have two children. they are two

                     and three years old.

           how about you hellen. do you have any children too?

hellen      : no, I don’t. I don’t have any children.

rio             : hellen, who is she?

hellen       : oh, she’s my best friend. her name is riana

rio             : does she have any children?

hellen       : yes, she does. she has four children. his name is tom,

                      jerry, kid, leo and jack. all of her children is male.

rio             : do they have any cars?hellen: no, they don’t. they don’t have any cars.


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